AHIP and Carrier Certifications


CMS requires that Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug carriers manage a certification process that includes basic Medicare and Medicare Marketing education requirements every year an agent markets for the company as well as every year the agent is paid a renewal.

Although there are a couple options for this education, we recommend the AHIP as it is accepted by every carrier we work with. The AHIP normally costs $175 each year, each carrier offers $50 off. You can also get that discount using our link for AHIP. Click here for the link.

You only have to take this course once per year and the test scores are electronically submitted to the carrier when you sign in using the carrier's link and selecting the "transmit" button next to the carrier's name. The time requirement for this course and test is generally about 8 hours.

Carrier Training

In addition to the AHIP training every carrier is required to run a carrier specific product training for Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Coverage. This training is carrier specific and must be completed for every carrier. Time requirements vary based on carrier and generally take 1-4 hours each.

These need to be completed every year you wish to write business or receive renewal commissions.

Because of this requirement, we recommend agents contract with as few companies as possible to get the job done when they're starting out. That way you can customize your carrier base around the kind of business you cultivate.

These are not requirements for Medicare Supplement carriers.