Is Selling Medicare Easier than Final Expense?

They Need Health Insurance, Right?

It is incredibly common that agents come to us wanting to get into Medicare because they have sold Final Expense insurance and struggled. The assumption is that Medicare will be an easier sale than Final Expense.

This is sort of true, and sort of not true. Let's look at that:

What Makes Medicare Easier?

This is obviously a product that is easy to make a decision on. Meaning it is rare a client won't want a product. Medicare Advantage often doesn't even cost any additional premium.

Some products are easier than others, but once you get your rhythm the product is simple to navigate.

There are time based deadlines that help you create some immediacy behind your statuses.

Once you're outside the first 3 months of the policy, policies can tend to stay on the books for a while with less of a chance of them falling off the books.

What Makes It More Difficult?

Medicare products still take a level of sales. You will still have many of the same objections you hear with Final Expense.

  • I already have coverage

  • I'm afraid to make a change.

  • I like my agent that wrote me a policy 8 years ago and has never called me since.

  • I keep getting Medicare phone calls.

These kinds of objections will come up, the question is what will you do with them? We can help you make your way through the objections, but don't jump into Medicare assuming there won't be any. You'll still get some push back.

Cash Flow

Commissions can be tougher. Money comes in slower for Medicare than it does for Final Expense, but the long term renewal is quite attractive. To keep the cash flow strong, you do need to be able to sell efficiently and make sure you're cross-selling the books.