Local Marketing

Marketing Vs. Leads

Leads are the ultimate goal of the game. A lead is a person with some remote interest in the product your selling. Marketing is the processes you go through to acquire a lead.

Here at Digital BGA marketing is our game.

We give you the option as an agent. You can either buy leads from us, from someone else, or do your own marketing. Most of our agents simply purchase leads from us. We've plumbed the depths of the marketing game.

We do something radically different. For agents that wish to do their own marketing to develop their own leads, we provide training on how to build out your marketing.

Do you want to run local in person events?

We can help train you on how to do it and provide the resources you need.

Do you want to build local relationships with businesses that can send business?

We can help point you in the right direction.

Do you want to step up your client referral base?

Absolutely, and we can teach you how to maximize your approach.

Looking to run TV or digital ads?

We can help you build content and work on placement.

These are all areas where we've either had our own success or trained agents to build successful campaigns.

Should You Buy Leads or Invest in Marketing?

Early on you should definitely buy leads.

Your primary income stream comes from the ability to sell. Turning leads into buyers is your primary skillset in this business.

If you're an individual and never wish to move beyond your own desk, it's often easier to scale your business with leads.

As you grow, you should start considering marketing. Know that marketing will take additional time and depending on the complexity of your plan, you might even need additional staff. For example, if you run a TV ad and you're busy, someone needs to collect the client's information.

Once you have a steady income coming in from your renewal book you can start using that income stream to market and invest in any needed staff.

Marketing is well worth while since you can grow your business' brand and take advantage of the additional benefits of being known as a local expert. It can also help you grow a larger office if you wish to bring on more agents.

When and Where to Move?

The advantage to working with Digital BGA you'll have a dedicated Brokerage Manager who will walk you through the growth of your business and help you understand the right time to start moving from leads to marketing .