Sales Training

Here at digital BGA we provide top notch sales training to all of our agents. Industry leading Lead programs and carrier contracts are no good if you can't get a client across the finish line.

Recorded Training

Our core sales training processes are recorded for you to review on-demand. You'll have all of the skills needed to help get a client from 'hello' to application.

Our training is not just about getting a sale, but working through the process of maximizing each sale. We can help you attach more cross-sales, keep your business on the books, and find that extra referral waiting to be had.

Morning Huddles

We share morning huddles with our team where you can get:

  • Carrier and Industry Updates

  • Sales tips from our coaches and top producers

  • Team sales updates to see how you're matching up with the rest of the team

  • In the trenches pointers to make sure you're getting the most out of your sales

Our Zoom huddles are twice a week.

One-On-One Pointers

Your assigned Brokerage Manager is a sales expert that can give you one-on-one coaching at tips to refine your craft.

Our Brokerage Managers are seasoned professionals, they're not new agents. You have one-on-one access with our industry leading Medicare experts.

Since calls are recorded, we're also able to review calls with you and help you understand where you can improve right from the call itself. Agents often find hidden profits in these sale calls that allow them to go after the next big sale in the following call. It is immediately actionable content.


We provide the ability for our agents to reach out using our chat feature. It keeps you from having to call each time you have a question and helps you get the quickest possible response.