Digital BGA is known for best in class technology.


You are given access to our custom Senior Sales CRM which allows you the ability to track:

  • Sales

  • Call time

  • Lead closing and contact ratios

  • Follow ups with your existing book of business.

This CRM includes incredible features such as:

  • Automated Text Messaging

  • Automated Email

  • Auto-Dialer

  • Click-to-Call

  • Funnel Management

This is included for free to our agent partners.


We provide at no additional cost the top quoting software for Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage business.

For Medicare Supplement we offer CSG's quoter.

For Medicare Advantage we offer Sunfire.

Not only do we offer these great platforms, we offer the training you'll need to make the most out of them. Including tips on when to allow clients to complete their own applications.

Our CRM also has a custom Final Expense quoter built right in.

Additional Resources

We do recommend that you pick up a few extra pieces of technology on your own.

We will recommend Direct Mail follow up for your book of clients. Not only do we recommend a top quality Mail house that will automate your mailings, we will walk you through how to set up your own mailings. Since this service includes the cost of mail, you'll have to cover the cost on your own for this.

We'll also make a few more recommendations that will make your life much easier.

Technical Requirements


  1. Strong InternetCheck your internet speed at and click the "Go" button. What matters is your upload speed for making calls.

  2. Under 2.0 - fix this before making calls

  3. Over 2.0 - ok, but you'll drop some calls if anyone is streaming anything

  4. Over 5.0 - better

  5. Over 10.0 - ideal

  6. Always try to plug directly into your modem. Try not to use Wifi for call quality purposes unless your signal is close and you've got a really big upload speed.If your upload speed is low, you'll need to upgrade your internet package.

  7. Headset of your ChoosingAny headset will work - either USB or bluetooth. This will be connected to your computer to make your calls through the CRM.

  8. Recommendations:

  9. Computer Recommendations

  10. Minimum of 8gig Ram, 12 - 16 gig is recommended. This can often be easily upgraded.

  11. Minimum I5 Processor. I3 will work, but we recommend I5 or Ryzen 5 minimum if buying a new computer.

  12. Solid State Hard Drives are faster than traditional ones, but this isn't a requirement, just something to consider if you're buying new.

  13. If you took advantage of a free upgrade to Windows 10 and your computer is sluggish, reinstall Windows 10.

  14. Dual Monitors

  15. VOIP Phone line

    • #1- You'll be making a lot of outbound calls and some leads may mark your phone number as "spam" and when enough people do, a "Possible Spam" message will show as your caller ID for that phone carrier's network (Spring, Verizon, etc).

    • #2 - Separates business from your personal life. Your phone will get a lot of calls.

    • #3 - It's a full business phone system. You can set up extensions and have your voicemails transcribed and emailed to you.

    • #4 - It's more affordable than installing a hardwired line. It is also a better experience and more comfortable.

    • #5 - Outbound calls are recorded in the CRM, but having a phone service that records your inbound calls will help with compliance. It's not a carrier requirement, but is helpful if you ever get a complaint.

    • We recommend DialPad or Line2 as a phone service if you don't have one.